Not: Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Thanks to the support of Arts Council England, Red Rose Chain, The Pimlott Foundation and our Tilt Crowdfunders we are fully funded and currently in the R&D and rehearsal stage of Not: Lady Chatterley’s lover –  a darkly funny period drama, parodying the classic novel by D.H. Lawrence. As part of the development we have been working with Stephen Harper (Told by An Idiot), Helen Baggett (Gecko), Annie Sertich (Groundlings) and composers for the project: Savage & Spies.

Working with these companies it is our intention to create a balance between the drama of a great classic and straight-laced delivery during highly comic situations.

Lord Clifford Chatterley comes home to his wife, Constance (Lady Chatterley) from a war that has left the world in tatters. With his legs also left in tatters, Clifford returns to Wragby Hall confined to a wheelchair.

Despite Clifford’s impotence, a subject that all struggle to avoid; it is his duty to have an heir. However, with the added pressure of being a success in his intellectual and industrial pursuits, Clifford and Constance become distanced, leading to a passionate, sexual and curiously experimental affair between Lady Chatterley and the estate gamekeeper: Mellors.

We will be working with leading companies in devising, improvisation, movement, music and art to create a balance between the drama of a great classic and the straight-laced delivery of highly comic situations.

The Colour of Dead

Working in collaboration with Nathan Williams The Colour of Dead was shortlisted for Dailymotion’s Web Series Competition and became a finalist for ‘Best Pilot’ at the Raindance Web Fest. After the success of the pilot episode we are hoping to develop the series in 2017/18.

The premise: Failing faux reality paranormal TV show ‘The Colour of Dead’ draws to a close of it’s 7th season…and it’s last. The team soon come to the realisation that this may be their last time in the spotlight and some of them are willing to do absolutely anything to make this the most unmissable series to date.

Cast: Jen Booton, Ed Deacon, Alex Evans, Rebecca McClay, Lawrence Russell, Jack Spreckley, Danielle Williams.

Director: Nathan Williams

The script was written and improvised by the cast.